Hora OS is invested by technology startup UFIN.
Hora OS Development Vision:
- Building a decentralized operating system that allows users to access everywhere with the internet
- Open source development under the supervision of the developer community
- Peer-to-peer server architecture model with network scalability for unlimited data processing
- Unify decentralized data networks through data bridges
- Forming a peer-to-peer sharing economy model that optimizes resources on cloud computing platforms

Founded in October 2019, Ufin (Unicorn Fintech) operates mainly in 04 areas: A.I, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Operating Systems (OS), with the goal of optimizing value for customers. Ufin also aims to become a leading fintech company in the UK and out in the world.
Currently, this startup has successfully developed a decentralized operating system with the goal of helping businesses manage infrastructure on a cloud computing platform, taking advantage of its quick, low cost and high efficiency. This is considered a revolutionary technological advance in data storage, use and distribution.
As a young startup in UK, Ufin has successfully raised $21 million in Seed Round from international investors. The large capital represents the strong growth potential of this startup in the future. The company is currently valued at $100 million, belongs to the group of startups with the highest growth rate and highest valuation in the seed round.
With the newly mobilized capital, Ufin will deploy a decentralized server network for the operating system of Hora OS - supporting businesses and governments to implement the model of storing and managing data on decentralized cloud computing. At the same time, this startup also builds vast infrastructure to meet the demand and support global digital transformation in the period 2021-2022.